Local company registration
  1- Registration of all types of local companies and all types of activities, even those that require the approval of the sectoral authorities.
2- Following up the companies after their registration in terms of completing the procedures, minutes and decisions of the founding company and ratifying its constituent contracts, as well as following up the company’s meeting minutes and decisions in the Companies Registration Department
3- Submitting the final accounts to the Companies Registrar Department.
4- Submitting the minutes of the meeting of the companies on a regular basis.
Modifying the types of companies in terms of a joint venture company to a limited company or from a limited company to a joint stock company, and modifying the company’s activity from trading activity to contracting activity or changing an activity, for example, from commercial activity to the original activity (contracting).
5- Amending the powers of the delegated manager, such as adding powers or reducing his duties.
6- Amending the company’s Memorandum of Association in accordance with the sectoral entity.
7- Establishing Iraqi companies where the owners or founders are natural, legal or foreign persons and the percentage reaches 100% of the company's shares.
8- Purchasing shares from local companies by persons, up to 100% of the company and its procedures.
Registration of foreign companies
  1- Establishing branches of foreign companies with various activities and different types and nationalities, with the exception of companies specialized in money transfer, banking and foreign banks, as they are
You need special approvals from the central bank.
2- Submitting minutes of appointing the branch manager with his authority and appointing the legal advisor in the Bar Association.
3- Submitting the final accounts to the Companies Registrar Department (Foreign Companies Section).

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